Augmented Coffee Table Books

"Engage your readers through interactive story telling."

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

Is reaching out to your readers being difficult?
Are you finding it tough to create an impact on your prospective clients through attractive coffee table books, to stimulate the business image?
Not only are poor quality coffee table books confusing and alienating the audience, subpar design also creates a negative view of the establishment, sinking brand value, which often translates into lost business opportunities.
This has caused several companies to go for digital communication strategy due to budgetary reasons. However, there is so much digital output that it is crucial to have printed communiqué with guided information!

We are here to guide you!

Combine your traditionally printed Coffee Table Book with the Augmented Reality Technology to give your readers an engaging and interactive experience.

Be the first one to adopt to Augmented Printing. Want to know how.

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