If you can imagine it, we can bring it to life through the magic of Premium Print, Augmented Print and Creative Conceptualization. We keep ourselves updated… to keep you up-to-date!


As the numero uno commercial printing press in Kolkata, Anderson Printing House has been an industry leader for nearly four decades now. Our story is a tale of magical transformation – from ordinary print to Premium Print, from static print to interactive Augmented Print, from a Print Service Provider (PSP) to a Marketing Service Provider (MSP); most important transformation is the transformation of your brand message from uninteresting to engaging, your business from also-there to market-leader and your mood from frustrated to relieved!


With a team of highly skilled professionals, we look forward to fulfill our clients’ print as well as marketing requirements using the latest available technology. When prints combine with immersive digital technologies, the outcome is magically impactful, offering you an array of multi channels for marketing your products/services by using just a printed material. From concept to conceptualization, our aim is to help you out with a complete 360-degree marketing solution. Through the years we have garnered clients from every industrial segment, thus making ourselves competitive in today’s world of business.

Anderson connects print & digital to narrate your story and presenting it effectively to your target audience.

Step 1

Researching & Presenting

  • We thoroughly research your industry and competitors before meeting
  • We book an appointment to listen to your problems with empathy
  • We identify the problem you are facing
  • We return with an action plan to offer you the best solution
Step 2

Creating a Dummy

  • We offer you a transparent timeline, quote and close the deal
  • We conceptualize a dummy of the premium product for you
  • We fine-tailor this prototype as per your feedback
  • We perform thorough proofreading and fact checking
Step 3

Delivering a World-Class Experience

  • We take your approval and print the final product
  • We deliver the solution as per the planned delivery timeline
  • We continue providing post-sales services to build a lasting relationship
  • We create a win-win situation for you and your customers