Anderson History


A young printing technology wizard Byomkesh Ghosh starts a magical initiative called Anderson Printing House in Calcutta, naming it after his landlady, Lady Anderson, who looked after him like a fairy godmother in London, where he was studying for his degree. Anderson makes a sensational debut as a quality printing company catering to the Audio label market.


Byomkesh Ghosh, founder of Anderson Printing departs for his heavenly abode at the early age of 50. Nandkishore Kajaria, a Science graduate takes over, inheriting the existing employees and two Hamada offset presses. It proves to be a magical transformation for both the Company and its new owner.


Kajaria’s science knowledge helps him adopt the emerging technologies better than most contemporaries and unlock the magical secrets of print. Early in the decade, Anderson installs Heidelberg offset printing machines taking colour fidelity in Calcutta to new heights. The Company also installs digital pre-press and image setting (film setting), which takes printing quality to spectacular new heights.


Setting the magical transformation trend, Anderson Printing becomes first in India to invest in Heidelberg computer-to-plate system, which helps digitalize the workflow completely.


Continuing the magical flourish, Anderson becomes the innovative pioneer in Eastern India to invest in the speed master machine (Heidelberg computer-to-plate system), which helps digitalize the workflow completely.


The Company moves to its new 8-storey, 30,000 sq ft design-to-print magical headquarters in Salt Lake. Anderson also invests in digital printing with H.P.Indigo.


Anderson installs Kodak Nexpress, the state of the art digital printing press, imbuing next-gen magic into its products.


As printing gets more personalized, Anderson focuses on leveraging technology to sharpen its service edge. A tie-up with Kodak and own innovations magically bring the Anderson print shop to the client’s desktop with Kodak InSite Interface. Fresh investments enhance the value and customization capabilities to cater to the emerging needs for greater sophistication and personalization.


A magical new integrated facility inaugurates at Madhyamgram.


Anderson launches one of its greatest magical breakthroughs Printeractiv (your printed marketing communication augmented with easy-to-access, interactive and immersive content).


LIV cards make their scintillating debut, making your cards magically talk!