Augmented Packaging

"Transform your packaging for a new tomorrow."

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

Many companies focus on their product packaging and end up spending a bulk amount that is out of budget. Are you one of those?

Can you calculate your ROI?

Inferior quality packaging not only confuses and alienates the audience; design compromise also creates negative customer perception, eroding brand value, which often translates into missed sales opportunities.

We are here to guide you!

Making packaging the medium to market your product is not a bad idea. You can cut down on cost and use it as a multichannel for advertising.

Be it Television, radio, or the World Wide Web, marketing your product across the different medias turns out to be expensive. Then why invest a lump some amount, when you can benefit from Augmented Packaging.

Augmented Printing even helps you to cross-sell some similar products. Be it an interactive game, or an audio visual, or a take a selfie feature with the brand ambassador, Augmented Packaging helps you do all with just a simple scan of the packet using the camera of any smart phone.

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