Premium Special Interest Magazines

"Premium Printing that makes target audiences fall in love with your special interest magazines. "

Do these business problems sound familiar to you?

Do you circulate special interest magazines such as trade journals for your business? For Corporate Communications Managers and Marketing Managers, inferior printed communication is not an option as it fails to engage the intended recipients or persuade them towards a desired action. Many businesses choose only digital format special interest magazines such as trade magazines, expo reports etc. However, there is an over abundance of digital publications, which results in prospects and associates quickly disengaging.

Lack of printed literature means the brand message does not get reinforced.

Would you prefer to invest in graphical publication that does not connect with your target group? How long before it erodes brand confidence and creates negative market perception?

We have the solution to your problems!

Anderson can deliver premium special interest magazines that add a huge brand value to your brand literature.

High quality paper, superior enhancements, superlative creative designs ensure your specialty magazines create the desired buzz. Won’t your competitors be jealous? You bet they would!

Distinguish your brand from has-beens even with just a limited run of copies sent to high net worth individuals. See your brand loyalists soar in number.

We perform industry research before we meet you to understand your requirements. We ensure the prototype is tweaked to your exact specifications. We deliver as per promised schedule.

Why remain frustrated as one among many, when you can surge ahead and seize the day? Call us for a demo and let us make your brand come alive to your target audience.


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