Augmented Special Interest Magazines

"Give your readers an immersive experience."

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

In the times when social media is rapidly ascendant and attention range is decreasing, it is easier said than achieved to engage your audience effectively with attractive special interest magazines (such as trade magazines), to accomplish business goals.

Inferior quality specialty magazines do not just confuse and alienate the audience; Design compromise also creates negative readers' perception, eroding brand value, which often results in missed business scope.

This has precipitated in a number of companies choosing only communication strategy out of budget concerns. However, there is so much digital clutter that it has become necessary to have physically printed communication to be heard above the din with guided information about your company and brand!

We are here to guide you!

Augmented Printing adds tremendous value to your special interest magazines through embedded digital content while retaining every bit of the printed information.

Would you rather engage in a larger readership or let your competitors siphon off your circulation by adopting this interactive technology before you do?

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