“We have been associated with Anderson for the last 15 years. We don’t think twice before we give them work because their commitment to quality, their commitment to professionalism, their commitment to technology, all have been excellent. They have an in-house design team that keep on experimenting with new things. So a lot of innovation is there.”

Piyush Bhagat Managing Director, Space Group

“We have received your copy and we are very happy to see wonderful work done by your team. I am writing this mail to inform you that our functional head and HoD are in great appreciation of your work and feel it as one of the best printed report we have published so far.”

- Dr. Abhishek Saha Master Mariner, The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.

“Wonderful experience from the custom made design to the printed output. Very prompt service and high quality. Fully satisfied with the final product and Anderson is great value for the clients.”

- Kaustuv Dutta

“I think what makes Anderson different from the other agencies, from the other printers in Calcutta is their commitment to serve the client and I found Anderson to be extremely proficient in handling clients. They are professional people. I got to know they have a high-state-of-the-art technology which makes them deliver things so fast.”

Kaushik Sinha

“I would receive the final product. What really matters to me is the final product. I am happy with the final product because that is very close to what I thought it would be.”

- Dhrubajoyoti Nandi

“Our sales literature, the printing quality and the layout were not up to the mark and the International distributors were complaining. As a result of this pressure we had to get our printing done in Australia, sometimes in Hong Kong and more recently in Bombay, which is of course very expensive. We have solved this problem and we thank our partners Anderson who had helped us greatly.”

- Anindya Mukherjee

“We have been extremely satisfied with the results and the professionalism, the work, the attitude of the people who are working at Anderson.”

- Sanjay Bajoria

“A great advantage that Anderson has over its years, its ability to completely address the client’s requirements, be it from the design or the concepting stage to the pre-press, right up to the printed output. I think that is a great valuable to the clients and it has been of a great use to us.”

- Aditya Baran Mallik

“The team of Grapp maintain etiquettes and discipline. They know how to maintain a healthy friendly relation with the clients. Their down to earth behavior is very noticeable. With good design they always try to please us and make us feel happy.”

- Mrs. Chandralekha Rawat

“Anderson can deliver anywhere in the world high quality print and color production work by a professional staff appreciative of custom details with exacting specifications at a competitive price.”

- Robert Davies